For a fisherman, the ultimate dream on vacation is to find accommodation bathed by a river or lake. The resort of Lake Menet offers extraordinary performance . Nine flaming chalets with all comfort. A nice site dedicated to fishing services. Here's what you need for cosi holiday dedicated to rest and fishing.

    Menet Lake : Located in a valley and dominated by the Puy de Menoyre , this natural lake of glacial origin bathes the town of Menet and gives it a unique charm. Large 14 hectares, it is a major venue for the flora and fauna , in particular, note the presence of an old water still consumed vegetable in Asia: " the water chestnut ." Its banks are home to large reedbeds and many fallen trees in the water that allow aquatic predators to find a den . Perch, zander , pike and above are present in these areas where there are also majestic carp and a high density of white fish . This wealth , combined with unique and charming Lake Resort are the ideal place to stay or a fishing trip .

Menet Lake is open to fishing all year . It is a private lake.

Fisheries charts are available at the bar / tabac Ludo 's bar : The day € 5, € 16 per week , fortnight € 20 and € 15 weekend . Each card entitles you to 3 lines.

    If trout fishing misses you, no problem: Sumene (1st category ) runs a few hundred meters . Taking the car, you go to the Great Rhue , Véronne , Little Rhue even see the Dordogne and its record catches .